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We know how to take care of your lawn. We have the latest in 4 Blade mulching mowers. We trim your edges and take away the mess. We have brush cutters for those slashing jobs and a ride on for the large jobs.


Hedge need a tidy up? We can get the job done for you. Even those high, hard to reach hedges are no match for us. Our hedge trimmer has over 2 metres of reach. 


We are not arborists, but we can trim your trees for you. We are equipped with a chainsaw and a second on a telescopic pole. We will even remove the waste if required.


Mulcher and Stump Grinder Coming Soon


We have taken delivery of our Hasqvarna 36inch cutting deck ride on. We can tackle your big mowing jobs in no time. This machine is quiet, powerful and hungry to get your grass down.


Exterior - We start by pressure cleaning away the dirt and grime. For inside and outside we soap them up and squeegee them clean



We have taken delivery of our new custom made tilt trailer. We now offer green waste removal service. Perfect for cyclone season or just when you want to clean up the yard.

Weekend Trailer Drop Off Service now Available. 


High Pressure gutter clean is just what you need. Clean out the leaves, but the dirt and grime that settles in your gutters. We can also gutter guard your gutters after they are cleaned, if you wish